Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have a good excuse for not posting for the last little while.

It’s a nine pound excuse. Nine pounds and four ounces to be exact.

Sawyer is here.

I thought I would post a few pictures of him. Nate keeps asking me if he is really cute, or if he is just biased? I think some of each. His middle name has caused a little stir. We have also found that it is often mistaken for some kind of jellied holiday fruit. So the conversation goes something like this…

Them: “So what did you name him?”

Us: “Sawyer.”

Them: “That’s cute.” (Then their eyes narrow a little bit, and their voice gets a little more furtive, because they have already heard something about his weird middle name and they feel they need to do a little more investigation into what we have cursed our son with.) “Now…what is his middle name?”

Us: (We begin with the disclaimer) “We gave him a family name- Nate has a couple of great grandfather’s named Nathan Granberry.”

Them: “Oh ya?”

Us: “It’s GranBarry.”

Them: “Oh…I thought it was Cranberry.”

Us: “Nope- GranBarry

*Awkward Silence*

Them: “So I heard he was a big baby…”

And that is how the name conversation ends.

Poor kid. Who knows what he will really get called anyway. Right now Nate call’s Rori “Horace”. (No offense to all the Horaces out there- but I think GranBarry is better than Horace.) Nate is already planning on naming our next son “Finn”. After 9lbs 4oz I don’t know about a “next.”

He has had a little bout with Jaundice that we are having a hard time keeping under control. He has had the light bed for almost a week now- and he hates it. Totally detests it, but it seems to be helping. He will go from a totally deep sleep to scream-his-head-off-get-me-off-this-thing theatrics just by placing him on the lights. I don’t think his favorite color will be blue.


  1. Cute baby. but i may be biased too.

    ps i had a similar conversation with some of my peeps down here in Tucson about his name. only i took it one step farther... "ya, it's a family name, except NOT because they didn't spell it the same..." haha ;)

  2. okay, no biased here... HE is absolutly adorable. Congrats

  3. I do love Cranberries. So I guess it makes it even easier to love Sawyer now.

  4. Congrats guys!
    I love the name Sawyer!

  5. Lol. You make me laugh. Macie had the billi bed for a week and she hated it too! Hopefully he'll be done with it soon!

  6. Shanny -- He is absolutely adorable! Congratulations to your sweet little family!

  7. He is sooooooooo cute. I love the picture of Nate and Sawyer (can I call him that? or does it have to be bishop?) Any way. I do have a jealous little girl over here. As she told me she "likes Rori's baby" and on another note she know's where we can get some eggs "from Rori's chickens". Congrats!

  8. Oh my gosh he is just beautiful, I want to just squeeze him. Guess its a good thing we live so far away then? Congrats and good job.

    The Richardson Family

  9. Shanny! I love your blog! What an adorable family you have! Stunning Photo's too! Congrats on your newest addition he is most precious! I loved growing up in the Bluffdale ward with you and your amazing family and miss you all.